Damn, here we go...

I'm a guitar player/producer living in Franklin, TN (just outside of Nashville). I've been here since 1995, where I began a career as a session player. So much has changed over three decades. The way records are made and sold now is such an un-organic process. That's why I have stuck to playing the blues. Slide guitar, in particular. Hard to midi that music. 

I've been spending much of the last few years producing singer/songwriters in my production studio. Some super-talented artists have worked with me to create some amazing music. This year, however, I'm focusing on my live playing. I miss the gigs. The crowd interaction. Cranking amps up and locking with a solid drummer. It's time. 

Keep checking in here, folks. I'll keep this site updated as best I can. New music will be available soon. Shoot me a message, if you would. Love hearing from my peeps world wide. 

As always, peace and love.