Update to my Musical Journey

Howdy, lovers of blues and slide guitar. I hope this finds you doing so well. It's been a minute since I've been on here, so apologies. Between my new day gig and my music, it's been a little crazy. 

My new day gig is excellent. Great owners, staff, and products. The commission looks to be amazing and I'll have ample time to work on music projects. I am a grateful geetar player. 

I've teamed up with an amazing singer/songwriter, Jennifer. She is a ripper (think Anne Wilson of Heart). We are working on an EP that will be done by end of May. It's gonna turn some heads in this cynical town. Stay tuned for music and updates. 

Thanks for visiting, all. I hope life is smiling on you and keeping your blues to a minimum. Check back soon and blessings…

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